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Stained Glass Living

In Podcast, Spiritual, Tips Articles by Chad Cooper

By Clare Langan What does “stained-glass window living” mean? We are all like stained-glass windows. Could it be that our (main) purpose in life is to discover what will allow the divine spotlight to shine through us, in order that the greatness of creation, that is our essence, can be seen clearly? James Baldwin said “Your crown has been bought …

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Buy Experiences Instead of Things

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Want to really change your life with one simple step? Try buying experiences instead of things. There’s nothing I’m necessarily opposed to about having ‘things’, it’s more about why you want those things. In the western hemisphere, we’re raised within a capitalistic society that is all about consumption; buying things for consumption keeps the system prosperous. We’re trained that we need to …

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Meditation: Moving from DOING to BEING

In Spiritual by Chad Cooper

One of my favorite comedians, JP Sears, has become an internet sensation with his satirical “ultra spiritual” video series. His Instagram and YouTube channel are full of “how to” guides on topics such as being vegan, using essential oils, getting offended, being a minimalist, and of course (the ultimate spiritual practice) how to meditate. Being a Marine, I know the …