YOU CAN HELP in the 2022 Ukrainian refugee crisis

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Corrina Gramma and her mother, refugees from Moldova (a small country bordering Ukraine) are volunteering to help hundreds of thousands of refugees who have been displaced since the war with Russia broke out. With efforts focused in the capital Chisinau and at border crossings, they are helping a network of local volunteers including family and friends who have been working since day one to provide food, shelter, transportation and supplies to refugees. Their family, like many Moldovans, are housing Ukrainians in their own homes and donating properties for shelter, including apartments in the building they’ve been staying in with a handful of international volunteers who’ve gathered from across Europe to help. (Many of those in our own small, international volunteer team were once refugees themselves.)

They’ve integrated with a network of shelters and volunteers across the country to help feed and supply both Ukrainians and the Moldovans helping them with what they need. Their team, alone, is sending out thousands of dollars worth of food and supplies daily and distributing donations to the dedicated volunteers and organizations they’ve been directly meeting on the ground.

The money you donate support will go to:
• Food
• Essential items
• Clothing
• Medical supplies
• Shelter
• Transportation
• and toys for the many children

The people are understandably in shock, and in a sort of limbo, not wanting to head deeper into Europe and leave their men behind yet but also grappling with the reality that they can’t turn back. It’s a hard and heartbreaking time, but they’re grateful for the contributions and support.