Throughout his life, Chad E. Cooper has continuously raised the bar and pushed himself to be the very best he can be. From being awarded both Regimental Marine of the Quarter and Regimental Marine of the Year during his time of service, to retiring from Microsoft at age 35, to serving two terms as Mayor Pro-Tem in his community, to traveling the world and making a global impact through his foundation work in New Zealand and Guatemala, to competing as a multi-major sponsored triathlete, to applying for a Guinness Book World Record holder for crossing the most common things off a bucket list, to being a thriving family man, husband, and father – Chad embodies what it means to live a Legendary Life®.

Chad’s greatest passion, however, is sharing the principles he’s discovered to help others also shatter the status quo and live the life they were born to live. Looking back on his journey, Chad realized he had a distinct guide at every transitional stage in his life who opened his eyes to a new way of thinking and pushed him farther than he could have reached on his own. When Chad synthesized his experiences into a proven system to achieve success in all areas of life, he knew it was his turn to be the guide for others. Now, Chad coaches a wide variety of high achievers such as athletes, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and retirees to break through real and perceived barriers to discover their unique purpose and integrate it into every area of their life – if they are willing to put in the work.

Chad’s coaching philosophy is best summed up in the adapted words of Ronald Reagan – “Some people live their whole life wondering if they made a difference in the world. [My clients] don’t have that problem.” Chad has helped numerous people discover the keys to unlocking their own potential in order to be the very best they can be. Join him on this journey and create the legendary life you’ve always known you were destined to live.