The Legendary Life ® Program is a qualified training under the Canadian Job Grant Program!

Receive up to 83% of the Legendary Life Program tuition back from the Canada Job Grant Program. (for more information, click here )

The Legendary Life ® Program is transformative; it is designed designed to develop leaders in both business and life. This program uses the power of roles/language to set your schedule, it looks at the definition of time from an intentional model not dictated by task lists and adds emotional and spiritual understanding to optimize your performance. Outcomes; increased levels of productivity, time management, communication and performance.

Participant Impact:

  • Develop new skills, tools and systems to be more effective in goal setting, planning, time management & communication
  • Improve levels of engagement, motivation and productivity
  • Decrease levels of stress, new level of alignment between roles & responsibilities
  • Increase leadership capacity by contributing to new business strategies, attracting new clients & building new business initiatives within team and organization

Organizational Impact:

  • Healthier and engaged workplace culture and morale
  • Increase in employee retention and internal/cross promotion opportunities
  • Increase in capacity for collaboration, innovation and growth of current and new talent
  • Increase levels of sales and revenue generating
  • Develop new skills, tools and systems to be more effective in goal setting, planning & time management
  • Delivery of program; on line group, Closed Facebook community resource, weekly material, Q & A discussion group
Week #1 Foundation Renovation-Review your belief system, start building your success structure 3 hrs
Week #2 Language Matters – understanding the power of internal/external language, the importance of this re. our intentions, challenges and new victories 3 hrs
Week #3 Purpose Visualization -co-develop a life purpose with powerful language 3 hrs
Week #4 Rule of 168 - a new system to manage tasks and leverage your relationship with time 3 hrs
Week #5 Explaining Your Brain & Mapping it Out- a tool that helps map out your vision, improves productivity, gaining time and decreasing stress 3 hrs
Week #6 Capture List & Measurement -a planning tool that takes your list from “I HAVE to” and into “ I GET to”, reducing pressure of not enough time. 3 hrs
Week #7 Energizing Every Area of Your Life-understanding the power of integrating physical, logical, emotional and spiritual quadrants, how this influences self/others 3 hrs
Week #8 Lose These Nasty Habits-Explore your habits, the motivation behind behaviour and how to stack the deck in your favour 3 hrs
Week #9 Retirement Plan & Fiscal Responsibility-understanding our relationship to money, how it relates to both the spiritual and physical human being 3 hrs
Week #10 12 Weeks at a Time; Making Time Work for You- How to get more accomplished in 12 week/quarter cycles, the power of frequency in reducing stress and identifying key goals 3 hrs
Week #11 Curve Balls & Condition It- Master the techniques of Olympians. A state of preparation reduces breakdowns, fosters understanding of self control/discipline and increases resilience 3 hrs
Week #12 Celebrate & Schedule Out for Next Cycle- discover the power of celebration cycles and measuring results, where you can tap into extra energy that extends beyond self to others 3 hrs