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Let me help you develop habits around the foundational stability that success requires. We go way beyond short-term motivation and inspiration to strap on the get-er-done behavior you need in order to get results.


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I work one-on-one with coaching clients who are intensely motivated and willing to do some serious rocking and rolling with their dreams for the future. As a former Marine, I am All In, All the Time. Are you ready to mobilize that mindset on behalf of your future?


Are You Ready to Ramp Your Life Up a Few Notches?

If you’re ready to bust through the boundaries everybody around you accepts as normal so you can open the floodgates and let a surge of possibilities rush into your life, then I have what you need.

I get it. You don’t fit into that dull little box marked “Normal” that so many other people numbly fall into every morning when they crawl out of bed. You want to amplify the results you are already getting so you can drive your life to Infinity and Beyond. You want to suck the colorful juice out of life and embrace the passionate, joyful, fulfillment that comes with aligning your time and your energy with your real purpose on the planet.

You want MORE. And I can help you get it.

I offer a range of transformational coaching programs that are built on a lifetime of experiences that have taught me how to dream bigger and reach farther. I want to harness my wisdom to your determination to create your own legendary lifestyle—so you can experience the same level of gratification I get to activate every single day of my life.

Time Keeps Moving Forward
…So Can You.

Learn the 4 strategies I use with my clients to overcome any obstacle, and transform YOUR stress into your SUCCESS!


❝ It’s not your strength which holds you to your purpose, it’s the strength of the purpose itself. ❞What is your purpose?


Reaching deeper than just your organization and use of time, this book reaches into the essence of all the things you do, and shows you how to make them richer and more fulfilling.

Rebecca Soni

Company : US Olympic – 6 Time Gold Medalist
Designation : Rebecca Soni is the first woman to swim the 200-meter breaststroke in under 2:20

Chad Cooper is an incredible businessman, philanthropist, adventurer, who has a down-to-earth message for anyone still trying to figure out how to make time work for them: Don’t get lost in your schedules and succumb to a lackluster existence.Chad Cooper is an incredible businessman, philanthropist, adventurer, who has a down-to-earth message for anyone still trying to figure out how to make time work for them: Don’t get lost in your schedules and succumb to a lackluster existence.

Pete Andersen, Ph.D.

Designation : author of “Purposeful Intent: Motivating Your Mind From Within” and “Teach Yourself to Swim Like a Pro In One Minute Steps”

The direction and insights Chad Cooper has given have dramatically changed my vision in every aspect of my life. From Coach Cooper I learned to strengthen my purpose with emotions and feelings which makes my daily grind exciting and emotional. It makes me go all out each day with intention.

Nonito Donaire

Designation : 8 time World Boxing Title Champion and current WBO super bantamweight champion

Chad Cooper is the best coach I’ve ever worked with. He lives what he teaches and his impact on my life has been transformational. If you are ready to take action and live an extraordinary life, buy this book.

Phillip Stutts

Company : Political Consultant
Designation : Founder & CEO Go Big Media

This book is the instruction manual on how you make your life uncommonly awesome and turn your life into a blockbuster movie. Read this book, get inspired and make the small changes that have been holding you back from living the incredible life that you deserve.

Bill Carmody

Designation : Founder and CEO of Trepoint and Inc Columnist


Tune In To Your Future!

Life is like a radio: you want to avoid the stops on the dial that give off static and tune in to the stations that resonate with the music that makes your heart sing. A purposeful life requires that you tune in to the frequencies that are playing your song…and a life coach will support you in figuring out how to do that with integrity and authenticity. As your Legendary Lifestyles&reg/Factive Nautics&reg coach, I take that basic resonance and build in an additional dimension of “magic” so you can turn your impossible dream into your daily reality.

Lavish abundance in any area is not something we chase to acquire, it is something we choose to tune into. Let me help you make the distinctions in your life that will help you soar!

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