We are Betting on Intentionally Creating the Culture of Your Life

In Podcast, Tips Articles by Chad Cooper


If there’s an immediate message of Covid-19 quarantine, it’s that too many have realized they’ve been operating at breakneck speeds for far too long and we don’t want to continue the pace moving forward. If there’s a gift of hard times like these, it’s that it inspires us towards introspection and focus – What really matters most to us and how do we live up to it?  

We have recognized that two of our greatest human needs are love/connection, and significance have been diminished or absent entirelyAs humans we want to know that what we do matters, and that we have people in our lives that we are deeply connected to – relationships that go beyond social media and a quick conversation at the grocery store. Even though deep down we want these things, our comfort with the status quo leads us to accepting what we get across many areas of our life. We end up following Hallmark’s list of holidays to celebrate or choosing a career path simply because that’s what fell into our lap. Too many enter relationships because it’s easy and convenient. Yet in the midst of checking all the boxes, at some point we realize something’s missing. We should be happy, but we can’t shake the feeling that we’re in this alone, spinning our wheels, and overwhelmed working for a life we don’t even want. The truth is perhaps a hard pill to swallow; during tragedy, there is perhaps a gift for the world. Right now we have the power to create a meaningful culture that permeates all areas of our lives by intentionally developing daily, weekly, and monthly rhythms that have a ripple effect on ourselves, our family, and our workplace. 

I get it – sometimes it feels like we’re in a bad environment or a bad situation that doesn’t have any hope of changing because of the people we’re around and the toxic culture we’re already living in. But the fact is we ARE in control of the type of culture we create and experience, and change is possible. I’ve worked on my own for 25 years now, and I know how difficult it can be to create a meaningful culture that is engaging and inclusive – both in our workplace and at home, especially as a solo entrepreneur. When I realized this gap, I knew I had to take control and become committed to creating a meaningful culture across every of my life – one that supported my values, my family’s values, and could be the foundation for building strong communities wherever I went. 

What I learned through all of this is there are four crucial elements to intentionally creating a meaningful culture across every area of our life: 

  1. Determine who will be part of this culture (e.g., family, employees, friends, etc.) 
  2. Define your core values 
  3. Co-create values with the people who will be part of this community 
  4. Plan rituals, events, and traditions that support your personal and co-created values 

Following these four steps will help us become clear on our mission and purpose, and set the foundation for ourselvesour family’s, and our community’s goals and dreams. As we live out these values together, we will be creating a legacy and shifting our lives to the next level simply by co-creating a positive future with those who we care about most.  

Move from judging to loving others simply by becoming clear on the type of culture we want to be a part of and begin creating it with those around usWhen we our values and goals are clear, then we extend our reach even farther to build our community based on shared values. Our community will sit on a firm foundation and be the safe place as we weather life’s challenges and celebrate life’s joys as we create harmony and balance in our life and other’s. 

Intentionally creates a meaningful culture across all areas of our life as we focus on our values, develop rituals and traditions that support those values, and build a community of others supporting these same values. No longer living according to the status quo and what society tells us is successful and fulfillingthat old world leaves us feeling isolated, alone, disconnected, and separated from the people we care about most. Stop feeling disconnected and living someone else’s dream and intentionally creata culture in every area of our lives that is built on our values, strengthens our community, and creates a positive and lasting ripple effect in the world around ourselves.