Time Management Business OwnersTime management for business owners is not something you should ever take for granted. We rarely realize how much time is wasted throughout the day and it adds to our stress. Does this sound familiar’ the commute to work is terrible, your lunch break is often skipped or spent running errands, you get home late from work, order a pizza and spend a couple hours on the couch working on your phone or laptop before you finally remember to get to bed? This is the problem most business owners face and while their jobs are very demanding and take more than 40 hours to accomplish, there still are ways to manage your time better so that you can increase productivity while also having more time for yourself and your family.

One of the first things Chad E Cooper will do during classes for time management for business owners is identify the challenges you face throughout the day. Then, utilizing the platform of alignment, strategy and psychology, we will help you build a new mindset to improve your day. Let’s go back to the example of a typical day, starting with your morning routine. If you wake up and always feel rushed, then it’s time to focus on waking up earlier. This sounds crazy to people who always feel tired, but getting up 20 minutes earlier will not deprive you of an enormous amount of sleep but it can make a big difference as far as reducing stress in the morning. Whether you use those extra 20 minutes to relax in the morning or head to the office earlier so that you do not have to get stuck in traffic is your decision.

Next, when you get to work what do you usually do? Are you getting right to work or do you spend time socializing? It’s good to not always be difficult or hard on your employees, but you do not want to overdo it, especially if it causes you to have to play catch up during the day. Do you have a television on when you are working or the radio? Are you spending time on your phone for reasons other than work? Do you smoke? Are there any menial tasks that you do that takes up a lot of time? This is the type of thinking and questions you have to answer during classes for time management for business owners. This shows you how you literally are wasting an hour or two each day, time you believe that you do not have but you are not aware that you are wasting. By cutting back on the socializing, by getting to work a little earlier and by allowing your employees to handle tasks that you do not need to dedicate your day to, you can save an hour or two each day. Would that help?

Chad E Cooper classes for time management for business owners are available online and they can help you identify where you are losing valuable time throughout the day and how to get back on track, increase productivity, reduce stress and take your efforts to the next level. If you are ready to learn more and get started on this new journey, schedule your first meeting today.