Every high school and college should have motivational classes for students. However, the name can be a little misleading. The goal of these sessions isn’t just to motivate, it’s to help these young men and women understand the importance of their education, how to grow and improve and how to take on challenges that they will face with trying to improve their education. For example, let’s consider someone in college who isn’t sure what they want to do with their lives, and they feel overwhelmed. They literally are left to fend for themselves and figure things out on their own and that’s just not a good option for young people. Instead, what needs to be done is they need to be introduced to someone who can show them how to utilize their strengths and address their weaknesses as a student.

Let’s consider that same person speaks with someone like Chad E Cooper. Chad isn’t going to yell; he isn’t going to play some inspirational music that makes the student jump up and start dancing. He’s going to sit with them and hear what they have to say as far as their struggles with school and life. Maybe they have a hard time getting started or maybe they aren’t strong in certain subject areas and they get frustrated. This is where motivational classes can really help. Instead of trying to motivate them, the goal is to help them.

Once you give a young person an understanding of how exactly they can tackle each challenge, they now not only have the tools, but they have the self-confidence to know that they can do it. That’s the real value of adding motivational classes for students. You are trying to give them the confidence needed to take on the school year and overcome the challenges that come with it.