Motivation and coaching skills leadership training is something that should be mandatory for anyone who wants to run a business, become a manager, become a teacher or coach. Why? Because we have to identify the strengths and weaknesses of our own personality and how we can develop strong teaching methods that would benefit others. Think of anyone who is successful as a coach in sports. What do they all have in common? It’s not the level of talent around them, it’s the fact that they have the reigns of the organization, their word is law but they also respect their players and understand that you cannot ask people to do what they are not capable of doing.

So, how can you utilize motivation and coaching skills leadership training to benefit you as a manager or business owner? Let’s take a look at some of your employees. You have one person who shows up every morning at 9:15 and then when they do arrive, they get a cup of coffee, talk on their phone and they really don’t get to work until 9:45. Then, you have another employee who shows up at 8:45 every morning and gets right to work. From the outside you would think that the person who shows up early is the favored employee. However, the manager or boss doesn’t show up until after 10 and they just assume that everyone is here on time because the work is being done.

Right there is an example of how you can lose an office. The person who really puts in the work isn’t rewarded or acknowledged while the person who is slacking is on the same level as the hard workers. Whose fault is this? The manager or boss because they are not showing real leadership and showing up to work early every day, identifying what their employees are doing and rewarding those who put in real effort. Bosses are lazy and arrogant. Leaders outwork everyone and reward those who do what they can to keep up and benefit the company.