Create the Solution Instead of Waiting for it to Arrive - Covid-19 & Coronavirus

Create the Solution Instead of Waiting for it to Arrive

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I get it, times are hard. And things would be a lot easier if someone came in to save the day and bail you out during this difficult time. We’ve all been there.  

The stock market dropping 10,000 points. Numerous businesses shutting down. Shelter-in-place orders in many states. A global pandemic. All of these have resulted in some form of financial instability during the COVID-19 outbreak, and many people are feeling scared and panicked. Rightly so – we’re living in a time of uncertainty and many are tuned in to a low frequency of scarcity and defensiveness. But living in the effect of someone else’s decisions means you’re waiting for someone else to bail you out, and puts you in the mindset of victim thinking. Instead, it’s time to take control of your own life and create the life you want to live right now – by generating instead of taking and consuming. Shift to living in cause and get resourceful to make things happen, even in the midst of this uncertainty. The quicker we are able to accept being uncomfortable, the sooner we can become resourceful. Just like in combat, all soldiers set out to work his or her plan; those that are best equipped to achieve success are the ones who are able to adapt and become resourceful when the original plan goes southWhen I was in the Marines, we often received the oldest and most outdated equipment and supplies. Rather than complaining or thinking we couldn’t succeed, we knew we simply had to be resourceful and make the most out of the current reality — and it was because of this mindset we always achieved our objectives. 

Finding yourself in a place of emotional or financial instability right now (or both)? It’s not too late to turn things around and get resourceful to come out of this ahead. There are ways to not only weather this storm, but to look for opportunities to leverage the situation and make the most out of what’s in front of us. 

Despite what is happening around the world and here in the United States, I have actually experienced zero impact in my business. This is because over the past thirty years, I have learned the critical skill of how to pivot when necessary and how to look for opportunities by getting creative and resourceful with my areas of expertise. Here are a few of my secrets that I hope can help you in this time of uncertainty. 


  1. Predict where things are headed, and then prepare, decide, and take action towards it. 
  2. Tune in to the frequencies of resourcefulness and creativity instead of trauma and scarcity. 
  3. What AM I in control of? 
  4. Set your stage daily by preparing for yourself(See more below) 
  5. What do I need to do in order to get resourceful?  
  6. Ask, how can I leverage my areas of expertise and find opportunities to help and serve others? 
  7. How can I decrease my expenses and increase my investments? 
  8. What issues and opportunities are merely creating False Emotions Appearing Real (F.E.A.R.) and which are presenting real danger?  
  9. How can I create stability in my life right now?  

Through following and answering these questions, you can regain the stability and mental fortitude you need to weather this storm and turn this pandemic into an opportunity for your business, instead of a disaster. So where do you startBy setting your stage every single day to prepare yourself to win. Like any professional sports team, you have to study your playbook and prepare before you take the field. If you only have one play or tactic, the defense is easily going to be able to win. Instead, you must realize it’s time to juke and jive and leverage your playbook. It’s also critical to remember every sport has timeouts and a halftime period, allowing the players and coaches to pause and check-in with how their strategy is progressing and to make any necessary adjustments in tactical execution. How are you setting your stage and preparing yourself to win? When you first wake, are you reaching for news updates and feeding on the darkness? Oare you taking time to strengthen your mental fortitude in a positive way through meditation, prayers, journaling, etc. Are you taking “time-out’s” and “half time” to check in with yourself, evaluate your strategy, and rest? These are the ingredients to setting your stage for success before you permit anyone else access to your inner world. Just like you don’t build the set as the curtains are being raised for a Broadway performance, you must prepare yourself before you can be of any use to others if you want that standing ovation 

If you have been living beyond your means, now is the time to adjust and build stability. If you have prepared for this storm, now is the time to get resourceful and look for the opportunities to serve others with your areas of expertise and come out of this storm thriving. If you are still struggling with the next steps you should take in order to leverage your expertise, I’d love to help you create a plan to successfully reach your goals.  

You have the ability to tap into your mental fortitude and see the abundant opportunities for serving others right now. You can get resourceful to create new avenues of business and investments for yourself, and come out on the other side of this thriving by taking advantage of the markets and living in cause. You have the power to create opportunities for yourself right now. So many people are waiting for someone else to bail them out – depending on something that may never come, or if it does may not have long-term impact on their current situation. You don’t have to live in fear of how you will cover your expenses and pay your bills in this time of uncertainty. Make the shift from living in the effect of someone else’s decisions and waiting for “help” that may never arrive, a mindset that is keeping you in survival mode, to living in cause and creating your own opportunities. The abundance hasn’t disappeared, it has simply moved; it’s up to you to get resourceful and find it. Today, from this moment forward, you have the power to create the life YOU want to livea life of stability, success, and significance – one decision at a time.