Learning coaching and motivation in the workplace is simple, but very important. Imagine a company where the owner doesn’t show up and half the employees slack off because of it. The company is still generating good revenue because of the work of other employees but that’s a recipe for disaster as eventually the hardworking employees will grow tired of the double standard and leave or stop putting in the same effort. One of the first things Chad E Cooper will tell you during your coaching classes is that you cannot be a boss and be successful. Bosses are arrogant, lazy and unwilling to be leaders. That may sound odd as you think that bosses are successful but think about the most successful businessmen and women you know.

Are they just showing up to work whenever they want or are they there early and leave late? Are they barking orders at people or do they lead by example and try to do everything they can to get the team involved? Leaders lead, bosses bark orders, take long lunches, show up late and leave early. That’s not how you motivate people and if you want to know ways of improving the attitude in the workplace it starts with actually being there and putting in the work. If you are doing that, then coaching and motivation will fall into place.

Chad E Cooper helps you to identify ways of improving your coaching a motivation in the workplace. For example, how do you teach someone how to do something that have a poor understanding about? Do you get frustrated or do you take the time to show them how to properly do it? Let’s say there’s a program on the computer someone needs to learn, and they are struggling. You tell them that they are to work on it for the entire day, forget the other work and just focus on that. That may seem crazy and a loss of hours, but it will give them the time they need to learn and apply this new skill to what they can do for you each day, making them more valuable.