Chad E Cooper is one of the leading consultants and coaches in the world. For years, Chad has worked with the best and brightest, experts in their fields, professional athletes, top entrepreneurs and provided coaching, guidance and more. So, what makes him different from others? To begin with, he focuses on the individual. Chad learned years ago that there is no plan that will work perfectly for two people. Each person has different needs, abilities, gifts and so forth. They need to be treated differently and that requires hands on experience with the client. Whether it’s in person, video conference or phone, Chad will work with you to help you in any capacity needed.

Another thing that separates him from the rest is his application of a very effective process of psychology, strategy, alignment and finally, execution. Too often people are given advice that’s very plain and basic. Chad E Cooper’s approach is much different. He learns about you, who you are as a person, what your mindset is when confronted with challenges and obstacles, how to improve your lifestyle in a way that helps you reach your goals and so forth. One of the best examples is with someone who was just promoted to manager and needs to find a way to handle the new responsibility without having it impact their home life in a negative way.

Using the Chad E Cooper approach, the individual would first work on leadership skills and time management skills. These two things will be crucial to the success of the manager and teach them how to be a true leader, not a boss, but someone who others are inspired to work with and accomplish great things. Next, a deeper look into time management skills helps the young manager find ways to reduce wasted time throughout the day, increase productivity and still manage to have time to enjoy yourself. What really eats up your day? Is there a way to break it down small enough to know what needs to be changed? Yes, the answer will surprise you but in reality, you can see large parts of the day lost due to things like browsing on social media, talking with people in a social setting, taking cigarette breaks, waiting in line for coffee and so forth. Cutting this wasted time in half can help you save an hour or more each day. The next step is to improve your ability to focus.

Rather than just give you a plan, Chad E Cooper also believes in making sure you are capable of executing it. That’s why he goes the extra mile with his clients to educate them on ways to improve their focus and accomplish their goals. He begins by focusing on their talents, abilities, strengths and so on. Once he’s shown them what they are capable of, he utilizes his years of experience to help them execute it. This strategy has worked with professional athletes, whether they are in the early stages of their career or towards the end of it and they need guidance on how to transition into a new experience. Chad is here to work with you if you are ready to begin.