Do you desire to receive scholarship funds for your higher education pursuits?

Do you consider yourself a servant leader?

Do you wish to be mentored by leaders while in school?

Servant Leadership is key to who we are as a society. That is why we have intentionally created this student scholarship program.

The Chad E Cooper Foundation Student Participants are a selection of servant leaders building themselves and others which are hand selected by a committee of foundation members committed to developing and supporting young servant leaders.  Each student is awarded the opportunity to be poured into by some of the finest mentors across the world in regards specifically to their servant leadership.

The scholarship program consists of scholarship financial awards, offering to mentor, and recommendation letters to further support your success. Each student deals with a particular aspect of the values and character building towards a servant leader, such as priority setting, conflict resolution, listening, and more. The Mentor program consist of meeting with staff or faculty member of the foundation on a continual basis one on one. These one-on-one meetings help you journey your university years with confidence and encouragement in your personal leadership development. The scholarship allows you to exercise your leadership skills, abilities, and gifts to serve your school, community, family, and society as a whole.

The servant leadership program is a by application only and is accompanied by annual awarded funds towards tuition and/or books for qualified applicants.

To Apply, download and complete the application and return to
Click Here for Scholarship Application