3 Easy Steps to Manage Your Time?

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By Chad E Cooper

Have you taken courses on time management? After the hours of trying to find a system that might work for you left you more frustrated than when you began? Courses seem antiquated to a pre-internet era or the “There’s an app for that” solution is only appropriate for a silo single piece; not the entire framework required for a 21st Century society. Nothing ever seemed to fit my lifestyle or demands of time for my particular situations. Class after complicated class seemed more demanding than the last and I would give up within days. Scheduling was demanding and impossible to adhere to, therefore I decided there had to be a better way forward.

The following three easy steps create a sustainable and dynamic framework to apply to the ‘Rule of 168 Hours’. Let me show you how to have it work for you.

What is time?

Humans created the concept of time early on by using the cycles of the sun. At first it was simply a way to track the seasons. It allowed one to know when to plant or harvest, when to rise or when to retreat to safety as the evening set. Later it developed as means for people to begin or end a job, usually on someone else’s schedule.  During the industrial revolution and at the turn of the last century, many towns had load whistles that would go off daily at the factories or mines. Everybody in town knew when to be at work and when it was time to go home. Today we use time for everything. We use alarms to wake us up, arrive at appointments, be seated in a classroom, take medication, and even remind us when we have a day off.

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