Chad E Cooper Foundation


    A Guatemalan family in dire need of protection from flooding. We will construct a wall section which will take nearly a month of effort in order to redirect the rainfall away from this mother and children's home. Currently the flooding conditions are causing health problems, damage to the home, and destroying their minimal possessions.

  • Guatemala Mission: Housing the Widows and Orphans

    Chad takes a team of people to Guatemala each year to build weather resistant homes for widows and orphans. Through this charity, we not only pay for the supplies needed to build homes, but also for the education of these women in trade skills so they can provide for their families. Through this effort, in the villages we have touched, we have seen the ‘flee’ rate to America sharply decline, while the self- sufficency increases. Our goal is to raise $300,000 this year to bring not only housing, but fresh clean water and maybe even solar power! Every donation counts, please help!

  • The Waitaha of New Zealand

    Through his extensive work with entreprenuers, C-level executives, and elite athletes, Chad has found that in our drive to achieve, we have let our spiritual health flatline. This leads to a lack of fulfilment and even physical/mental illness. Working with the ancient culture of the Waitaha peoples of New Zealand, Chad works to bring their centuries of knowledge and wisdom to society. Through this charity, he takes people beyond ‘doing’ spiritual to understanding how to be spiritual in all areas of life. Within this charity, we bring the tribal elders to the Turtle Island (North America) for knowledge sharing and spiritual connection, as well as taking people to the Marae in New Zealand. Our goal is to raise $550,000 this year to create the ripple effect of peace that our society so badly needs.

  • Legendary Life ⓡ Scholarship Program (Apply)

    We believe our Legendary Life ⓡ program has the power to change the world with it’s transformative message. However, there are shining stars out there that have the potential to make a huge impact given this knowledge but do not have the funds to attend. The Legendary Life ® Scholarship Program provides program tuition to budding talent who are in a unique position to create a huge ripple effect in the pond of life, which we know this world greatly needs. Click to find out more

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