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Are you longing for more…? 

Many of us started our adult lives with lofty goals and high expectations, only to run headlong into a tough barrage of difficult bosses, struggling relationships, financial mis-steps and repeated disappointments. We feel like we’ve been doing our best… but we just can’t catch a break. What’s more, we never seem to have enough time available to turn our most profound dreams into the bold reality of a daily life.  

Some of us ARE getting the results we want—but it’s just not happening fast enough.

Have you had enough of that nonsense?

What if the solution to your heartfelt desire for success and fulfillment is staring back at you in your bathroom mirror every morning? What if you yourself hold the secret to your own happiness? 

Are you ready to unlock the “mystery of more” and start generating:  

  • More career success  
  • More satisfaction in your relationships  
  • More financial rewards 
  • More fulfillment everywhere in your life

About Chad

Chad is a coach leading a life of example, retired at 35 years old, he coaches and mentors across several fields in order to inspire others to grasp their dreams and execute with passion.  

Chad is Owner of Factive Nautics Coaching and (defined purposeful coaching with clear direction).  

What others are saying

"This book is the instruction manual on how you make your life uncommonly awesome and turn your life into a blockbuster movie. Read this book, get inspired and make the small changes that have been holding you back from living the incredible life that you deserve.”  

Bill Carmody Founder and CEO of Trepoint and Inc Columnist

"Chad Cooper is the best coach I’ve ever worked with. He lives what he teaches and his impact on my life has been transformational.  

If you are ready to take action and live an extraordinary life, buy this book."  

Phillip Stutts CEO of Go Big Media 

Purchase this practical yet inspirational book by Legendary Lifestyles Coach Chad E. Cooper 

In this best-selling book, Chad will help you create a path to Your Legendary Lifestyle. You’ll learn: 

  • How to identify the behaviors that you thought were going to be powerful, but that are secretly sucking your time and distracting you from the tasks that will propel you forward  
  • How to replace flawed and outdated time management strategies with ones that will lead directly to the legendary lifestyle you desire  
  • While you are the problem, you are also the solution! (And why that's GOOD news!)  
  • How to Imagine and execute a lifetime of experiences doing the activities you say you want your life to be about! 

What others are saying

"The direction and insights Chad Cooper has given have dramatically changed my vision in every aspect of my life.  

From Coach Cooper I learned to strengthen my purpose with emotions and feelings which makes my daily grind exciting and emotional. It makes me go all out each day with intention."  

Nonito Donair 8 time World Boxing Title Champion and current WBO super bantamweight champion.

"Reaching deeper than just your organization and use of time, this book reaches into the essence of all the things you do, and shows you how to make them richer and more fulfilling.” (Rebecca Soni is the first woman to swim the 200-meter breaststroke in under 2:20.)  

Rebecca Soni US Olympic - 6 Time Gold Medalist

Bonus: Here’s How You Can Amplify Your Results! 

When you purchase a copy of Chad’s book, he will give you the opportunity to participate free-of-charge in his “Five Day Challenge,” a program that normally sells for $481.00. This limited-time-offer will enable you to see for yourself what five days of insightful, focused coaching can do for you.  

Plus, it will help you identify what you need to tweak in order to eliminate the issues that are keeping you from experiencing the legendary lifestyle that’s waiting on the other side of who you think you are.  

Here’s What Else Chad E. Cooper’s 5-Day Program Delivers:

  • An instructional webinar to complete on your own time, every day for five days 
  • Two PDF’s daily, one for homework and one to recap each lesson 
  • Chad’s 168-Hour Time Management Template 
  • One bonus video every day 
  • A Certificate of Completion recognizing that you are part of the community of people committed to living a Legendary Life  

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