Case Study


Craig Libby
Retired, Financial Services
Healthcare, IT, US Marine

Craig's Story
"Before was a lot of pent up worry and anxiety... My physical health wasn't good at all. through Chad... I lost a lot of weight and gained a lot of muscle and overall phsyical health. My marriage and relationships improved. I have a lot more direction than I had before."

Purpose & Visualization
“Once I was clear... Things became so much more concrete." 


"There’s so much more that I can do at a much older age... the fact that I changed my mindset and my relationship with what health is about.
Before I started working with Chad, I didn’t have that."


Benefits of Coaching
"Trying to make changes on your own is a much harder road to go, than it would be if you had a coach… to give you more concrete guidance and to make you think differently than you have in the past."

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