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I put the new bike on the trainer today after an hour of swim sprints. The trainer is set to typically be more difficult than actual road riding. I have to say that I wasn’t quite sure what to expect since my previous road bike was pretty darn nice and got me through some tough races last season. Well, I can tell you that it was NIGHT and DAY differences! What am I talking about? How about after 36 miles I was consistently 10 – 15 beats lower in Heart Rate the entire time WHILE going easily 2.5 mph faster
(training ride was hill simulation, not flats). Big deal? Well, it you are out there for hours and still have a full marathon to complete after 112 miles of biking, yes, it’s a huge difference. I got off the bike and my legs felt quite fresh and ready to keep going. Could make a real nice difference between last season’s successes and this season’s lower times! Is it worth it? It all depends on where you are in your racing.

The Ingredients are right on par with my needs as well which is really more important than the taste I suppose; but who likes gulping down stuff that taste awful? What even better is the EFS Energy Drink while I’m performing is REALLY tasty. I can’t stomach most things hours on end, but I can tell you this stuff isn’t going to be a problem. Wait, it may be only because I want to drink more and have to stop! How does it compare to the other stuff out on the courses? Not even close. Now I don’t have to carry as much stuff to keep my ratio’s in balance. Check it out…

My body has really been taking a beating lately with the coaching that I’m getting. Ben Greenfield is really getting me in line for the upcoming race season. I haven’t been recovering nearly quick enough and I’m tired. I started taking the MultiV and it has been a real help. Face it, the water softener strips all the minerals from the water regardless of how much I’m consuming. I was already on a suppliment meant for endurance atheletes but it wasn’t cutting it. The minerals addition is making a huge impace. I’m back to my regular sleeping patterns and have far more energy during the productive day.

Received my first order of Ultragen Recovery Drink! One of the best tasting products out there. It’s like a milk Shake dessert!! I look forward to my workouts just so I can have my Ultragen afterward. I’m not looking for the desserts either because I feel like I’m already having it. My body is really responding to it as well and improvements are quite marked. Thank you for an awesome combination of effectiveness and flavor!

So now I UNDERSTAND that the wait is worth it! I feel like a kid in the candy store with a whole dollar! (pre- 1970’s I guess)

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