The Business of Thought Leadership

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Think about the language you use daily.

Is it encouraging or deflating?

For example, there’s a big difference in saying, “I have to go work out with my family” versus “It’s playtime in the gym with my family.”

Our guest, Chad E. Cooper, who is a professional speaker & author that retired from Microsoft at age 35, has figured this out.

He feels by using empowering language and changing your mindset, it can unlock your potential, help you better identify your purpose and core values which ultimately affect your business decisions.

During this interview, you’ll also learn…

Why the negative stories in your head are preventing you from achieving greatness
How thinking of 3 to 5 of the happiest memories of your life can help you discover your purpose
Why saying the words, “One More Step” can be the difference between you quitting and achieving incredible accomplishments

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