Create your Own Teambuilding Adventure

All World Class Teams Teambuilding Adventures are unique, inspirational, and customized to your desired time frame, outcomes, location, and level of activity.

Build your ultimate World Class Teams Adventure from the options listed below, and we will get back to you with a quote!

All World Class Teams events begin with a Keynote from Robyn (1hr to 1.5 hours).





1) Select the Number of Attendees for Your Event:

2) Choose the keynote topic that best matches your goals:

Teamwork: The 8 Essential Elements of Human Synergy View Details

Put “The 8 Essential Elements of Human Synergy” into practice in an outdoor adventure- based teambuilding event! The emphasis is on fun, interdependence and learning, while creating the bonds and strategic teamwork skills necessary for success in today’s competitive business environment.

AdventureTeambuilding Events can be tailored for all ability levels (trust us), and can be held anywhere from a hotel courtyard to a national park.

“AdventureTeambuilding” involves a series of Fun, Dynamic, outdoor events designed to create Interdependence, Mutual Respect, Trust, and Effective Leadership & Followership Skills among teammates.

Each program is customized for the particular teambuilding goals of our clients and generally includes a compelling combination of both Strategic Problem Solving Drills and Team Based Adventure Sports.

Performance: Why Winners Win View Details

What are the five most common attributes of people who make a lifelong habit of winning?

In her Extreme Performance: Why Winners Win keynote, Robyn uses the model of Adventure Racing to highlight the mindset and common attributes of world-class athletes, teams and leaders in their quest for victory — and provides real world guidelines and principles for reaching the top of the podium in any endeavor.

Change: Adapt, Overcome, and Win as One View Details

Change is the only thing that stays the same. It is our response to that change that dictates our success. How do the world’s most consistently high performing teams ALWAYS find a way to get to the finish line or achieve their goals against all odds? Are they lucky, blessed, immune to setbacks? Nope. The best of the best experience times of great turbulence and upheaval just like everyone else. Its their attitude and mind set that makes or breaks the team. Is your team ruled by the hope of success or the fear of failure? Winning and ‘not losing’ are two completely different mind sets that lead to vastly different outcomes. In Robyn’s Extreme Change keynote, she shares incredible stories of triumph through adversity and outlines the simple and concrete methods that world class teams utilize to shatter the norm, see challenges versus roadblocks and embrace setbacks as a chance to learn and excel.

Leadership: High Performance Leadership View Details

According to research from the Harvard Business Review, a company’s profitability increases by up to 1/3 when managers create a more positive corporate climate through Flexible Leadership!

In Robyn’s Lead like Gumby: Flexible Leadership that Gets Results keynote, she combines well-respected academic research with amazing Adventure Racing and firefighting footage that illustrates great (and not so great) leaders in action in the most extreme challenges on earth.

The result is an in depth and powerful look into six distinct leadership styles that, when utilized interchangeably and judiciously, are proven to have a positive effect on the corporate climatethe simplest way to increase the bottom-line. Your leaders will emerge with a deep understanding of the most effective way to engage and motivate their team.

3) Choose Your Desired Time Frame:

2-3 hours

1/2 day

Full Day

1.5-2 days

4) Choose Your Style of Adventure:

Indoor Keynote ‘Seminar’:

View Details

Robyn’s keynote with tabletop teambuilding challenges interspersed throughout. This is often combined with small and large group discussion on the action items that attendees believe will be instrumental in bringing the 8 Essential Elements (or your keynote topic of choice) to life within your company and for your clients.

Indoor WCT Challenge:

View Details

A series of 15-20 minute fast-paced, fun indoor challenges in teams of 8-12. The final event and closing party reminds everyone that the company as a whole is the team! (Requires a large ballroom space)

Outdoor WCT Challenge:

View Details

A series of 15-20 minute fast-paced, fun outdoor challenges on the hotel grounds or in a nearby park. The final event reminds all teams that they are “One Team, One Purpose”, and the closing party is accompanied by ‘fun awards’ given by WCT Staff to attendees who created the day’s highlights.

Outdoor Urban Adventure Race:

View Details

Grab your “Road Rules”, your city map, and create synergy with your team (and other teams!) by hiking and/or biking in pursuit of fun team photos, clues and adventure challenges throughout the urban area surrounding your event site. (Twist: Every team’s goal will be to maximize points for the COMPANY as a whole! This leads to some interesting Strategic Synergy!)

Outdoor Mini EcoChallenge Adventure Race:

View Details

This is a small scale replica of the real deal! After seeing the inspiring Adventure Racing videos in Robyn’s keynote, attendees will form teams of 5-10 and navigate, hike, kayak/canoe, rappel and/or ride as a real adventure racing team in a 2-6 hour adventure race! The emphasis will be less on winning and more on each team’s journey into true human synergy–blending strengths and leaving their egos at the start line in an effort to create the magic that comes with being better…together. (Twist: Being an ‘athlete’ is not the key to success in this adventure! Our events are all designed to showcase human synergy, situational leadership and the mindset of a teambuilder. Not ripped abs. :).

5) Additional Nice-To-Haves:

8 Essential Elements of Human Synergy Workbooks: 20 pages, designed to help individuals or teams create action items that will bring the 8 Essential Elements to life!

Signed/Customized copies of Robyn’s New York Times Bestseller: How Winning Works (please note requested number of copies)

A Morning “Fun Bootcamp with Robyn” team-based adventure workout for attendees on the day of or day after your event

Teambuilder Topography–An assessment tool for individuals, specific teams or as 360 feedback to leaders within your organization, designed to show specific talents (or perceptions) and areas for improvement on each of the 8 Essential Elements of Human Synergy

1-3 hour ‘Synergy Session’ Workshop with Robyn, in which attendees brainstorm and agree upon team values and an action plan to create more synergy within the organization and with customers/clients

Technical Tee shirts by Merrell with company logo and theme

World Class Teams inclusions with each adventure:

  • Colored bracelets with event theme for each team
  • Puzzle with your logo and theme that attendees create and sign in the closing ceremony
  • All games, maps, road rules and equipment rental fees

You (our teammate!) Provide:

  • Event Space
  • Snacks/Drinks for attendees
  • Transportation to the event site (If needed)

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