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30 Minutes before the race was to start I was about to pull the plug. If they didn’t I would. Thunderstorms still crackling above, a good rain coming down, wet roads, and swimmers itch in the lake. WELL, fortunately I didn’t haul the 5th wheel and 3 kids and the wife up north for nothing. The race was on, the roads cleared and dried up before we entered them, but the swimmers itch was still ripe with infection. I got a bad case of it and scratched for 5 days! The price you pay for a love of the sport of triathlon.

So it turns out the course was nearly the flattest course I have biked and I was very happy with my results on the bike and pretty happy with the run. There’s a good size hill on the run that I think really mentally messed with a number of racers. Fortunately, I was already used to some much steeper climbs from Connecticut and Knoxville races this year. My swim seems to have taken a hit due to my heavy focus on being faster on the bike. I have improved my bike speed a good amount which is a much better trade-off. The trick is to get them all faster however. I give a shout out again to Kestrel for one heck of a ride this year. It’s pure joy!!!

It was a lot of fun as well spraying athletes up with SBR Tri-Slide and Foggle. After the race I had four people come up to me and ask where they can get the stuff. I’m happy to say that I have helped get it into Running Fit stores in Michigan and a couple of other running stores and my gym Hamburg Fitness Center. This stuff is awesome.

6th place in Age Group and 28th overall.

After the race we took off and hit the Sleeping Bear Dunes which are more than I needed to climb after any race!

This doesn’t give much scale, but the next few tell you how far away Lake Michigan is below!!!

That’s people that look like dots and sticks!

This is why they call it Pure Michigan! Come visit.

The trip wouldn’t be complete without a little tubing down the Platt River!

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  1. I started using the Tri-Slide, per your recommendation and love it. It is a little dangerous if you accidentally spray in on the hard wood, though. I definitely think it is better to spray it outside!!

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