We all have questions, often times they may have already been asked and so I have taken the time to put together some of the most common questions I frequently receive. If you didn’t find an answer to your questions below or throughout the site, remember use the Ask Coach Cooper page and share your question with the world so everyone benefits. Who knows, maybe it will end up as part of my most frequently Asked Questions.

Common Coaching FAQS

How does Coaching Serve Me?

First let me say that I respect the fields of psychology, consulting, mentoring, and coaching and each has its place. I have worked in each of these fields in fact! I’ll give an explanation where each field can best serve an individual, group, or business.

A person who would like to address their history or circumstances from the past up to present time is an appropriate forum for the field of psychology. Therapy can be very useful to help a person work through their past and be ready to take part in present times. When a person wants to consider their behavior or character as an excuse for their actions rather than as an explanation then I may offer other courses of action outside of coaching.

Equally important is when a person is looking for others to discover resources and define the proverbial “Roadmap” for them; this is how I would describe consulting. Consultants find out what you want just like in coaching, however, they will provide the answers.

What’s wrong with providing you the answers you ask? Great question. As a coach I firmly believe my role is to ask powerful questions that inspire YOU to seek and discover the answers either within yourself or take action to become resourceful and ultimately take action. When you do the work, the reward is lasting and fulfilling. It doesn’t always have to be difficult, but it does matter more when we discover the answers ourselves.

I like to describe a coach as the person holding the ladder for a client in a mud pit. Know that I will never let go of the ladder and will support you when you are ready to take action. Your role is to do the work and climb the ladder to success. Along the way we will celebrate your steps!

Finally comes mentoring. A mentor will inspire and support a person and help that individual achieve their goals most often through their “model of the world” or methods they previously used themselves to achieve a similar or same goal.

A coach checks all their beliefs, filters, and models of the world at the door and fully supports YOUR needs in the order you desire to achieve them. More importantly is that a Coach has no judgment. This is likely the only place in your life where you get to be 100% you without fear of others judging you. Inherently a coach believes you are already doing the majority of things in your life correctly, and our job is to take your born and learned talents and help you understand how to magnify them in all aspects of your life to live up to the standards you set for yourself.

Results! Plain and Simple:

This is about getting you the results you want, both now and in the future. We strip out the stories and begin the transformation through clarity in your goals, empowering meaning moving forward, language the inspires and supports, and continued decisions that lead to action. 

In coaching we discover where you currently are, where you want to be, and close the gap on what is preventing you from getting to your destination. Through building these skills and using powerful tools, you will establish the positive habits to anchor lasting fulfillment into your life.

Coaching creates an environment barrier free of judgment so you are able to tap into your strengths and leverage those skills to close the gaps you desire to accelerate and enhance your life. Coaches believe you are an inspiring force for others regardless of your current position in life. A Coaches role is to ask powerful questions and to create a space that allows you to discover your empowering answers to transform your life into extraordinary. Whether you are already on top of your game and looking for the next level, or you are in survival seeking stability as a platform to launch the next phase of your life, coaching is driven to constantly improve the quality of life for all those who desire it.

Through coaching you will make decisions and take action with:

  • Purpose
  • Direction
  • Plan
  • Accountability
  • A Coach

Coaches empower individuals and organizations by discovering and creating resources that can transform people’s lives. We simplify these resources so that their profound impact is delivered to a mass number of people in a way that inspires action and entertains in the process.

Unique to many other coaching practices, Chad executes through discovering and honoring your core values, your innate and learned Gifts and talents which align to your purpose. It is about integrating emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual. Instead of magnifying the first three elements and discarding or ignoring your spiritual, Chad believes in honoring your spiritual and what that means to you, to support you in your highest self.

It’s a term you hear used in many forums and industries today, it’s become trendy to be a “Coach”. So what exactly is a Life Coach?

There are times when you need someone to help you think through difficult problems. A good coach doesn’t solve your problems for you. Coaching is about being able to look into the roles of your life and help you discover how you are playing the game. A coach helps you leverage your strengths so that you can win the game of life! How a coach does that is by asking empowering questions that reveal your strategies that you have used in the past, that you have use to succeed. Together we build those habits into the other roles of your life and close the gaps.

Experience and success shows that most people lose momentum between seven to 10 days. A Coach is on the sidelines to help you maintain and increase that momentum to help you get just outside your comfort zone and create strong habits that support the outcomes you desire in life.

How a coach does this is by holding you accountable. Accountable to your word and to your commitments. By joining an empowering mindset, body, and spirit and using tactical execution to get resourceful, you being to overcome those obstacles that have traditionally held you back in the past. You become the CAUSE of your future, rather than living in the effect of other people or societies behaviors and decisions. Finally, A good coach can also suggest perspectives on a problem you haven’t thought about. By broadening your horizons, a good coach makes you better at what you do in the future.

As a result, you create a meaningful life you really want and love.

Not All Coaches Are Equal

A masterful coach can serve any client, however, I have a preference in my ability to make a meaningful impact in specific areas for certain clients.

First, I ONLY take on clients that are absolutely committed to making a transformation in their lives. As Al Granum said “It’s not your strength that holds you to your purpose, it’s the strength of the purpose itself.”

Perhaps you need help in discovering the real purpose of your goals. If you are in a position to make change a MUST and not a “want’, then I want to work with you.

My strengths are in the areas of serving Entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals athletes, career professionals, and devoted people wanting to take their relationships to the next level.

Specific areas of focus but not limited too:

Time Management Expertise

What do Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, and Sir Richard Branson all have in common? 168 Hours. This is the amount of time we each have in one week. It is the great equalizer. Chad is author of Time Isn’t the Problem, You Are: Four Strategies to Transform Stress into Success and coach to many of the highly successful powerhouses in the world. Whether you are a CEO, uber-wealthy entrepreneur, extraordinary household chairman, or professional athlete working to balance it all, he builds your skills to maximize the experiences you want to emphasize in a week rather than living in the effects of others demands. A practitioner of time management for over 25 years; learned from the best-of-the-best to find the jewels in each processes and leave out the junk and shortfalls; Chad created his own spectacularly successful formula allowing you will be the creator and cause of your future and no longer experience a week of “have to’s”. While you are the problem, you are also the solution! Master the game of time through his exceptionally simple strategies. Imagine a lifetime of scheduling experiences where you go where you want to go and doing the activities you say you want your life to be about!

Masculine/Feminine Energy

Desiring to ensure his marriage was a positive template of character for his children and living to a standard of a true present man for his wife, Chad took on the deep work of discovering what is means to be a man in today’s world; and how to support his amazing bride. Through years of working with some of the best-of-the-best in the industry and persistence to incorporate new knowledge and the courage to remove the characteristics not serving him, Chad is now leading other men to take up the mission of becoming a Real Man and being enough for himself and his wife. Balancing this with the other roles in his life, he is able to achieve his missions and chooses to be free in their pursuit. Helping men and women around the world to understand how masculine and feminine energy affects and support their ability for compatibility, presence, love, truth, and freedom, Chad is creating a new path of prosperity for the future of our relationships and a template for our children.

Professional Athletes

Chad coaches Olympic medalist, professional athletes in MLB, NHL, NFL, marathoners, and the USAT triathlon circuit. As a former multi-major sponsored triathlete, Chad competed on the Ironman race circuit and consistently ranked in the top 10% of his bracket nationally. Offered a tryout for the U.S. Ski Team, Chad has an accomplished background in what it takes to perform on the highest levels of athletics.

Financial Acumen

Chad is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a registered broker and license holder of several investment and financial licenses. Retired from Microsoft at a young age, he knows what it takes to become financially independent. Serving an appointed role through local and state government, Mr. Cooper is a member of the City of Brighton Local Development Financing Authority as well as the Financial Budget Sub-committee, leading municipalities in the State of Michigan into financial prosperity. As a business owner and property owner of housing within multi-story, multi-building complex’s he understands business operations leading to financial profits.

Public Office & Elected Officials

As an elected official for over a decade and appointed member of boards at local and state levels, Chad has worked with clients including ambassadors to the United Nations, CEO’s of political media companies leveraged to win their clients votes at the ballot, and federal elected offices. Whether it has been serving during the Great Recession and turning hard times into victories or unions negotiations, he understands the environment and helps his clients breakthrough their limiting beliefs and behaviors to create impact that last.

I’ll get it all done. What do Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, and Sir Richard Branson all have in common? 168 Hours. This is the amount of time we each have in one week. It is the great equalizer. It doesn’t matter what economic means you came from or currently have. It doesn’t discriminate against race, gender, age, or sexuality. You don’t get 169 hours, just 168 hours each week.


So if we are all on a level field in this area of our lives globally, it must be HOW we spend that time that separates the extraordinary from the ordinary. I hear on a regular basis all kinds of rational and stories like “I can’t afford to start yet… my plates too full, I don’t have money, etc.” and every time I have been able to close gaps in my clients lives through better time management practices that turn the tides of stress into success! Chad is author of Time Isn’t the Problem, You Are: Four Strategies to Transform Stress into Success and coach to many of the highly successful powerhouses in the world. Get his book and begin the transformation in your life now!

To Do List!

I get the desire to write down all your outstanding tasks and wholeheartedly support this goal. The toolset you choose however is critical to your success or frustration.

Here’s the truth about To Do list, they are just another form of a calendar! Difference skin to them, but the essence is the same, both are commanding your time and attention. Now you have two systems demanding your time of 168 hours a week and an agenda full of items likely equaling well beyond the time to get them all done in a week. So what ends of happening is that you never feel a sense of celebration because as soon as you check off one item, more go in its place. You try to balance your appointments on your calendar and to do list only to stress out and create rules that make the game impossible to win.

Quick Tip: Use a CAPTURE LIST to grab your thoughts and commitments and MOVE THEM TO YOUR CALENDAR. That’s right, at the end of the day you should have zero items in a capture list and either they were completed or moved to your calendar for dedicated attention. I go into detail in my book  Time Isn’t the Problem, You Are: Four Strategies to Transform Stress into Success 

In an article in Fast Company December 2014 “Secrets of the most productive people” several known successful people share their insights to how they make the most of their time. What each had in common was knowing their vision and purpose…

Kristen Gillibrand said she “might want to do a hundred things…” and we all do, the problem is how we go about this process. Use a capture list and schedule ONLY.

Prioritize your experiences and fit everything else around it on your agenda/schedule

Stay resourceful. A Senator wanted to play squash and there weren’t many in the Senate, so she went bipartisan to make it happen.

For more useful strategies to tweak what you are already doing well and create an extraordinary life, check out Chad book Time Isn’t the Problem, You Are: Four Strategies to Transform Stress into Success 




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