New Article: How to Make Email Easier!

A huge overlooked tool most people are ignoring

Ok, we can talk about scheduling it, turning notifications off, and all the other tips and tricks that I’ll write articles about later of course, but here’s one idea I see people overlook ALL THE TIME! Using email draft templates.

How many emails do you send out with a common theme, content or reply? Here’s what I mean, if you own a business or work for a business you probably have customers (or I hope you do). How many times do you send the same information at some point in an engagement with others? Whether it’s your business card and introduction, or details around a quote or proposal, or whatever? I’m betting money that you have a pattern of repeating yourself far more than you realize? Now, how much time is that taking up over 52 weeks? How much time does it take to dig up that information, transcribe it, and send it over and over and over again? Below I will share with you a tip on how to discover your repeated emailing themes and quickly turn it around.

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Looking for something to inspire you and contribute beyond yourself at the same time?


Combine your charitable side with adventures! Project Athena’s Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim

Read an article by an extraordinary woman and teammate for an incredible charity journey across the Grand Canyon and back for a marvelous cause. I have been finding new charities annually that allow me to combine adventure sport and a cause beyond myself to make an impact. This story is incredible and I hope it inspires you to take action and find a cause that inspires you to live to your highest standards. I absolutely enjoyed this trip and it will resonate with me forever.

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