Recovery is key to good season

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I like many of you do my best to be smart and train properly; however, there comes a time that you have to recover in order to be a solid performer. For years that meant tapering and usually 3 weeks hard training and 1 week recovery. I then also wondered whether the pro’s having access to some equipment and resources the masses don’t get really made a difference. The short answer is ABSOLUTELY!
So what about the common hobby athlete or even the die-hard? Well, Recovery Pump is a solution available to everyone now and it started in the medical field that has now broken into the athletic circuit.
I started using the system and truly was overwhelmed by the immediate results. I’m happy to support products I use when they support the claims being made. However, these guys are relatively new in the sports area to the masses and I am going to guess will be a standard resource to athletes in no time. I can go out and HAMMER my legs on the bike or several hours, hook up the recovery pump afterwards… And by the next day I have been having ZERO fatigue or soreness. Now it’s one thing for your legs to feel recovered, it’s another to run the next day and see if they perform. Yup, it’s like they had a warm up exercise the day before and they have been solid for the next exercise day. It has shortened my recovery massively!
Only one problem, my wife keeps taking the system and using it too! So now there’s a waiting list in the house.
If you are interested in trying one, head to a Rev3 event Revolution 3 Triathlon and look for them offering demo’s. You do need a doctors prescription I believe to purchase one (don’t hold me that for sure) but I haven’t seen anyone with a doctors objection yet when you present the material for their review.

Good luck!

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