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Today’s issues are just symptoms, not the root of the problem. The Legendary Life® Programs are not for those who want to stay stuck blaming the ‘system’; it’s for those that are ready to step up and make a change. We are seeking those strong leaders that are ready to break play better than the ref’s bad calls.

If you’re ready to move from ‘why am I doing this’ to ‘what am I capable of’, this program is for you.

If you are actively pursuing what you’re capable of but hitting roadblocks, this program will help you breakthrough.

If you do what you do not for significance, but because you know what you’re capable of and if you aren’t doing that, then you’re not living…then this program will push you further faster.

Do you know what your moral compass is? Do you truly understand your definition of success? Use this program to define it so your absolute certainty in purpose drives you through the obstacles life throws at you.

This is not just a program, it's also a space that elevates your peer group so you can achieve more and not be judged in the process.

Option 1: Legendary Life ® Program

Primary components:

  1. 12 – week membership program (see 12-week curriculum below)
  2. Weekly Peer-Group calls, elevating your success support structure in a place that is safe to celebrate without judgement
  3. 1 Monthly 1:1 Coaching session for 3 months, during which you will cement the learnings of the program into your unique life
  4. Facebook Private Group to leverage the skills of your peers and team
  5. Motivational Profile Assessment and analysis, helping you understand your values to ensure what you pursue is in alignment with what drives you
  6. Clarity Mind Map 1:1 session, taking all of the junk out of your head and mapping it out visually to make it actionable and crystal clear
  7. Access to resources such as audiobook, workbooks, DISC profile, and more!

Option 2: Legendary Life ® Program plus 12 Months of 1:1 Coaching

Primary components:

  1. Everything in Option 1 plus
  2. 2 – 45 Min. Monthly 1:1 Coaching session for 12 months with a member of the Legendary Life ® Coaching team, for those that desire longer-term coaching to make a big impact in making change

Option 3: Legendary Life ® Program plus 12 Months of 1:1 Coaching with Chad

Primary components:

  1. Everything in Option 1 plus
  2. 2 – 45 Min. Monthly 1:1 Coaching session for 12 months with Chad E. Cooper, taking coaching up to the next level with the master and creator of the Legendary Life ® system. For more about Chad, see About

Do you want to live a Legendary Life ®, or a comfortable one? Leave a legacy. Join us today.


Legendary Life ® 12-Week Program Curriculum:

Week #1 Foundation Renovation-Review your belief system, start building your success structure.
Week #2 Language Matters – understanding the power of internal/external language, the importance of this re. our intentions, challenges and new victories.
Week #3 Purpose Visualization -co-develop a life purpose with powerful language.
Week #4 Rule of 168 - a new system to manage tasks and leverage your relationship with time.
Week #5 Explaining Your Brain & Mapping it Out- a tool that helps map out your vision, improves productivity, gaining time and decreasing stress.
Week #6 Capture List & Measurement -a planning tool that takes your list from “I HAVE to” and into “ I GET to”, reducing pressure of not enough time.
Week #7 Energizing Every Area of Your Life-understanding the power of integrating physical, logical, emotional and spiritual quadrants, how this influences self/others.
Week #8 Lose These Nasty Habits-Explore your habits, the motivation behind behavior and how to stack the deck in your favor.
Week #9 Retirement Plan & Fiscal Responsibility-understanding our relationship to money, how it relates to both the spiritual and physical human being.
Week #10 12 Weeks at a Time; Making Time Work for You- How to get more accomplished in 12 week/quarter cycles, the power of frequency in reducing stress and identifying key goals.
Week #11 Curve Balls & Condition It- Master the techniques of Olympians. A state of preparation reduces breakdowns, fosters understanding of self-control/discipline and increases resilience.
Week #12 Celebrate & Schedule Out for Next Cycle- discover the power of celebration cycles and measuring results, where you can tap into extra energy that extends beyond self to others