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Trapped by Time

Do you ever feel that the week has gotten away from you? Do you ever ask for more than 24 hours in a day so you can get caught up? Well let me tell you that 168 hours a week is what you have to work with. Don’t be upset with yourself if this was news to you. Most people never get past the idea of there being twenty-four hours in a day, let alone think about an entire week’s worth of hours. Its not going to get any longer no matter how much you want it to so lets take a look at how to best deal with what we have.

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Top Coach Chad E. Cooper Unveils Secret for Creating a Legendary Lifestyle

Acclaimed motivational coach Chad E. Cooper is pleased to announce that Aug.15th is the date for the simultaneous launch of his new book, “Time Isn’t The Problem, You Are,” along with an online mastermind course that seeks to show everyone how they can transform their lives from stress to success. Chad believes that everyone has the power within themselves to create what he calls a ‘Legendary Lifestyle’ and become the next Bill Gates or Oprah Winfrey.

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How You Can Use the Secret Skills of a Professional Athlete

Do athletes have a different vision, which makes them more successful than anyone else? I don’t think so… In my experience as a coach to many Olympians and Professional Athletes, I find what they do have is deep clarity or a more defined vision. There are a couple of things an athlete may do differently than other people appear to do to win; successful athletes are very tuned in to their purpose and because they understand their purpose they’re able to get past just plain discipline in their work.

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You’re Never Too Old For Success

I don’t believe that age should ever prohibit anyone from reaching success. All age does is give us indicators where we have hit different phases of life. For example, in our 20s to 40s, we are typically in the learning phase of adult life. That’s the time for figuring out who we are and why are we here? We see what areas we should give more attention to and what we want to experience and to bring into our life. From our 30s to 40s, we are starting to get into some mastery, and then 40s to 60s we’re typically harvesting the knowledge and the experience and the skills that we have been planting seeds for in our previous years.

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