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DSCF0009aExtending on the contribution beyond ourselves campaign I have committed to in my life and coaching by example life, I began a journey to set a higher standard by combining an adventure with charity sponsored events. The last completed adventure was in October 2014 where we partnered with Robyn Benincasa of Project Athena and completed the Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim event. This was crossing the Grand Canyon twice in two days and climbing a total elevation gain of 20k feet! Not easy, but well worth the journey and her foundation raised approximately $85k for charity.

This year we are partnering with Mark Divine of SEALFit to complete Kokoro while raising charity funds for children of fallen Navy SEALs. Each year we will pick a B.H.A.G. (Big Harry Audacious Goal) to create extraordinary lives through action and tied to contribution beyond ourselves. It has had tremendous results thus far and we expect even more going forward.

As part of a stabilizing commitment to philanthropy I continue to serve as a founding Board member of the House of Healing Foundation which serves the people of the San Lucas Toliman and San Antonio Palopo areas of Guatemala with medical care. Further, it provides hospitality to people who come to Guatemala to serve. If you are interested in knowing more about any of these charities or the causes they serve, please let me know.

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House of Healing Mission


Our Mission

The House of Healing (Casa de Curacion Foundation) brings glory to God by serving people of the San Lucas Toliman and San Antonio Palopo areas with medical care. Further, it provides hospitality to people who come to Guatemala to serve.

Our Vision

The House of Healing is a center of hope. It hosts a drop-in medical clinic that serves the local indigenous population, and provides accommodations for a continuous flow of volunteer healthcare workers and others. It also serves as a training and equipping center that makes significant contributions to the overall quality of life in the area.

About The House of Healing (Casa De Curación Foundation)

What is the House of Healing?

Overview The House of Healing is an independent, 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation created for the purpose of starting and sustaining a health clinic and guesthouse in San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala. The city of San Lucas has a population of 13,000 plus another 33,000 in the surrounding area. Currently, one hospital with only 2 doctors serves these people.

Background Teri is a registered nurse who has served as a missionary in Guatemala for the past 20 years. Prior to arriving in San Lucas she built a clinic in a remote part of the country where health care needs are great and options scarce. While there she trained 13 students, many of whom were taught reading, writing and math as well as basic nursing skills.

Current Situation The foundation has purchased a building that will provide several rooms for patient care along with thirteen rooms for housing mission teams, each with a private bath. Additional space will accommodate small and large group meetings. Significant renovations are currently underway that include making many of the rooms more user-friendly and upgrading electrical service. Financial Projections The foundation is in the midst of raising about $300,000 for the purchase and renovation of the property. This does not include operations and maintenance. Income from the guesthouse will help provide support, but fundraising will be an ongoing priority. Moving Forward The House of Healing Foundation dovetails perfectly with the Guatemala mission work that a number of churches have supported for many years. Prime examples are the annual mission teams that travel to the region. Under Teri’s direction, team members interact with the people, build homes and stoves, and work on countless other missions – doing all in the name of Jesus. The House of Healing will allow us to further this work in a new way that touches more people and points them to Jesus. How you can help Your prayers are requested and appreciated, along with your help in spreading the word about House of Healing. Further, you may support this mission through donation of funds, time, or even on-site involvement. Donations can be made by clicking on the ‘Pay Pal’ button link below or by check made payable to ‘House of Healing Foundation’ and mailing it to:

The House of Healing Foundation 300 East Grand River Ave. Brighton, MI 48116

“Jesus looked at them and said, “This is something people cannot do, but God can do all things.” Matthew 19:26 (NCV)

Guatemala Mission Trip – Changing Lives


Meet our G11 team!

This is the group of people that travelled to Guatemala for the 2013 mission trip. Ask us any questions – we love to share our stories! Please keep our team in your prayers. We appreciate everyone’s love and support! Vaya con Dios! ♥ image image

Project Athena

http://www.projectathena.org/ Our Mission

image Project Athena is a 501c3 non-profit foundation that encourages women who’ve endured life-altering medical setbacks to unleash the Athlete and Adventurer within and complete the journey of a lifetime—whether that’s to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, cross the finish line of an Ironman Triathlon, or fall into the arms of a proud family at the end of a local 5K.

Project Athena provides travel expenses, entry fees, coaching, equipment and, most importantly, the encouragement and inspiration to help strong, amazing women make that life-affirming transition from Survivor to Athlete.

“All of us have had our ‘chutes’ to deal with in life”, explains Project Athena’s Founder and World Champion Adventure Racer Robyn Benincasa. “Project Athena is all about showing other Survivors the way to the ‘ladders’ and helping them inspire and amaze themselves on that climb back up. Probably the most important thing we give our Athenaship Recipients is hope, and a vision of what’s possible. Doctors cure the body…Project Athena cures the spirit.”


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