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I have returned from an incredible vacation in Europe, relaxed and better prepared to take on the world. On my trip I was fortunate to visit Normandy, the infamous Normandy invasion of WWII. I was humbled, amazed, and grateful for seeing first-hand what those brave men overcame in order to claim victory against the Nazi’s. It quickly reminded me of the continued sacrifices our soldiers make still to this day protecting our freedom and keeping us safe. Not all those who serve however get to come home to their loved ones and that’s why I’m requesting your brief help.


The reason I tell you this story is to first remind us that freedom isn’t free, and sometimes our men and women don’t come home alive. As a Professional Life Coach, I have been working with an incredible Coaching Director for the past two years; combining an annual adventure event with a deserving charity foundation. I can think of fewer more deserving than the Navy SEAL Foundation. This organization has been supporting the families left behind from the sacrifices of our Navy SEALs.


On August 28th, 2015 9 Anthony Robbins Coaches will take on the WORLD’s toughest workout, Kokoro in Encinitas California. This is 3 days of Navy SEAL BUD school. They are partnering with SEALFIT, Navy SEAL Foundation, and Robbins Research Intl. in order to step up to a higher standard in our personal lives, but to also inspire others to PLEASE support and donate to the Navy SEAL Foundation and support the family members left without their husbands and fathers.


Mark Divine, founder of the SEALFIT academy has been gracious enough to help support these coaches and will not go easy on any of them. Each coach will have to earn their graduation along with anyone attending the event.


To make an impact, and show your gratitude, I am asking for you to support these coaches and fallen SEALs by donating to the Navy SEAL Foundation. It is absolutely tax deductible and 100% goes to the foundation. Mark Divine has partnered with us to make an impact, will you help us make a powerful statement?


Want to learn more about the Navy SEAL Foundation: About the Navy SEAL Foundation

Click here to get a glimpse as to what Kokoro is all about:


Please pass my request onto your connections to support this worthy cause.




Thank you and God Bless America!


Chad Cooper


Donate to Navy SEAL Foundation and SEALFit Kokoro.