How much Protein Drink creates caution in your diet? Consumer Reports investigation

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Consumer Reports Investigation to Protein Drinks Link – link to video report

Basically, there are two out there that Consumer Reports says you need to heed caution. If you are taking too much you are exposing yourself to harmful heavy metals like Arsenic, Lead, and Cadmium. How much is too much? 3 servings a day. This is not unusual for some Triathletes.

Of course, one report in itself can be questioned, do your homework! I have come to trust Consumer Reports for many years. Now go drink some Eggnog instead with raw egg and Bourbon!

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  1. Ya, I kinda decided not to comment much on it simply because I too thought it was overboard for only 2 being high levels if you are 3 servings or more a day. Personally, I’m only 2 max per day and usually only 1. I think the veil is pretty easy to see through and didn’t need to say much for the average person to come to the same conclusion without my assistance. It was really meant to simply be an awareness factor and to mix up your heavy protein fuel with a standard protein shake. I typically load up heavy after a P90X+ workout which I see you are a fan of as well. Regular training I generally go with a normal protein recovery with some frozen fruit and milk. Does the body good.

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