Susan Crossman

Ruble Chandy

Big thanks to Chad E Cooper!!! 
For years I’ve experienced a lot of frustration and overwhelm in trying to “make more magic happen”

as I run my business, stand as a strong widowed parent to my three kids, and support my disabled,
elderly mother.
I signed up for Chad’s 12-week Legendary Lifestyle program hoping to become more efficient and
pack more into an already over-crowded schedule. What I got instead was a powerful new set of
paradigms for living that have made my calendar more of a partner to dance with than an enemy to
outrun. Not only am I having way more fun, but I won a $50,000 contract last week, and a $25,000
contract this week. Prospects are good for the $35,000 contract I’m presenting next week. That's on top of finally moving forward with a years-old desire to run a retreat for writers in France!
Chad is a powerful guide on the road to greater success and this program is a wonderful map to the
destinations of my dreams. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so supported or understood before and I can’t
tell you how much I appreciate everything I’m learning, and implementing as a result of this program.