Holly Fischer

Ruble Chandy

Chad Cooper worked with my late husband, Eric Fischer, and me on a strategic plan which would
enable our family to continue our business without being day-to-day operators. The goal was for us
to be owners and to move ourselves to another state and let the day-to-day business be ran by our
employees. In addition, he worked closely with Eric on a personal level to improve Eric's quality of
life as a community leader, business owner, husband, and father. Throughout his work with Chad,
he grew tremendously in all these areas and reached many of his personal and business goals.
When assisting with the business, Chad came out to California and engaged with our core team of
employees on our strategic plan, which was called JBC 3.0. He outlined the "big picture" and then
worked with the employees on the detailed plan to move the company towards JBC 3.0. He kept
Eric focused on what he needed to do as the company CEO to drive this plan forward and
ultimately, the plan was executed, and Eric liked to note "ahead of schedule!"
Chad's excellent guidance as a trusted advisor and teacher proved the tipping point in allowing Eric and
me to finally achieve "the dream" of moving our family to another state as the company was being
successfully ran by our employees in California. What more can I say than a resounding, "THANK YOU
CHAD" for all that you did for Eric, me, our family and business.
As a coach, he’s the best you can get for your life and your business! Intelligent, balanced, kind,
insightful, articulate, focused- he’s the whole package. I highly recommend him!