Eric F.

Trevor Thomas

Steady, Smart, Insightful and a commanding approach to his craft. An extension of Tony Robbin’s himself. That’s what Chad Cooper brought to me, my company and my team… Chad’s efforts in bringing clarity to one’s self and business best practices is exactly what Chad Cooper will bring to the table for any business leader or business team, large or small. His mastery of strategies and best practice along with the psychology of each member of your team and clients is second to none. While watching Chad coach my team I realized half way through his presentation that we were watching him peal back the layers of a flower and exposing the truths and potential of what lie within. You get to see the good, the bad and the ugly but in a respectable way that will show you where you need to be steering and not the wall that lies before your company. Chad will get you to take a step back and look through a different set of glasses at not only business but life itself and how to get the most out of each. You’ll discover why we do what we do, why we have the results we have and what we can do to exponentially improve those results. He brings clarity to the times we get off track and how to get back on. When you have a chance to look back on your accomplishments one day after working with him as long as I have, you just might shed a tear of joy. A joyful tear that is filled with personal and financial accomplishments way too distant to comprehend in the beginning. Before I would half kid, calling him OZ as I only spoke to him over the phone and then I met him and now call him my friend. I owe much to my friend. Maybe my marriage. Certainly the joy I now share with my wife. Most certainly the growth and outlook for my company. If you can’t hire Tony Robbin’s yourself, don’t worry about it. You have this personal #1 Marine just a phone call away.