Farewell & Good Luck

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Farewell & Good Luck

Hey y’all,

It is with a very difficult and heavy heart that I am letting my

wonderful and fabulous teammates know that I spoke with Carole late
week and made a decision to resign from the team. Some may know
already, but
I have been working through some very severe pain in my
neck, shoulder, and
arm regions for the past two months. I completed
an MRI to find out the
culprit which was moderately positive. Long
story short is that I was
injured somehow over a decade ago (unknown
incident) and it caused delayed
symptoms in the spine on the neck
(C4,C5,C6,& C7). When I exercise at
the extreme levels we push
ourselves in the triathlon world too, it causes a
lot of inflammation.
This triggered the dormant injury. Doctors say I have
to quit or it
will get worse. The good news is that I can slow down and only

experience occasional flare up’s. The pain is debilitating and I don’t

need to be on med’s daily in order to survive; it’s just not worth it.

Guess I have to learn what “normal” exercise is going forward. I spoke

with my family and we all decided that it’s time to let this chapter

close in my life and discover new opportunities.

I have asked Carole to let Charlie know that
you guys and REV3 are the
most incredible team! It would be a honor to come
out and support you
all in the 2012 season at a few races. I would love to
be part of the
road crew volunteering and cheering you on to victory! I hope
take me up on the offer, but either way, thank you for the privilege

to be part of your team and to know some fantastic people.

One a great note, I shared with Carole that
I have been in physical
therapy for 5 weeks trying to recover which meant
nearly zero
exercise. That’s not good, but was amazed me was my decision to

complete one last race. I expected to walk a good portion of the
Corps Marathon October 30th, what happened however was amazing.
This race
was very special to me since it would be my last marathon
(whatever the pain
might give), it was also my former military branch
(once a Marine, always a
Marine). I had a friend fly out from Seattle
to join me. I ended up running
the entire race! Better yet, I ran my
fastest race ever!! The Lord works in
mysterious ways indeed. I
believe Charlie ran the race as well… nice work!

Go out in 2012 and show everyone that REV3
is the best triathlon race
circuit in existence!!!

Take care and God Bless!



Age: 38 Gender: M

Distance MAR
Clock Time 4:22:31
Chip Time 4:10:06
Overall Place 5949 / 21031
Gender Place 4338 / 12428
Division Place 770 / 1972
Age Grade 50.4%
5K 0:29:56
10K 0:59:49
15K 1:28:39
20K 1:57:20
Half 2:03:49
25K 2:25:54
30K 2:53:57
35K 3:24:44
40K 3:56:23
Pace 9:33
Mbranch USMC
Mstatus FORMER

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  1. Chad! You are one tough hombre! You will be missed. I am so happy that I had an opportunity to meet your wonderful family at Quassay. I would love to see you out there again rooting everyone on.

    Congratulations on a terrific finish at Marine Corps. The Lord is certainly mysterious. I know that! Best of luck to you!

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