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Now that you have a baseline of where you generally are spending your time each week, it’s time to transform into thriving mode! Most people use neutral to disempowering language to describe their roles in life. In fact, we often carry this language into the subject lines of our actual appointments. Now’s the opportunity to change all that "Have to" behavior and really juice up your language.

For example, if you "have to" sleep and sacrifice this time like most people, what would it mean to simply retitle the Role of "Sleep" into "Recharging to Kick Ass" mode? After all, isn’t that really what most of us want? We want to feel "Refreshed and alive!" Consider using that as the role title instead of "Sleep".
How about "Work" as a role? Boring right? Try juicing it up to "Sunshine Giver" or something with a lot of energy in the language. Give it a shot for each role and see how the meaning transforms your experienc es for the week.

Notice how you want to shift how much time you desire to each of your roles now. We’ve created several examples for you, take the time to scroll through them and perhaps choose a role others have found really changed their view on life.
After all, you have 168 hours per week to make life extraordinary. Why not start with the meaning you give it and how you step into that time with the right exciting uniform/identity!

Enter Time Entries

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