DrRademakers Prescription For Transformation Radio Show #3

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Published on Dec 27, 2015
Candid conversation with an exceptional entrepreneur Chad E Cooper: a successful businessman, peak performance coach, elected official and community leader, loving family man, former major sponsored elite athlete, philanthropist, and award-winning United States Marine.

He has turned his expertise to his audience to help them create legendary lifestyles; financially, physically, spiritually, and emotionally —these are just some of the roles Chad Cooper has played.

Chad’s clients include corporate CEOs, financial titans, elite entrepreneurs, Olympic medalist, and professional athletes. He is deeply committed to COACHING as a powerful tool for creating lasting results & causing massive shifts in people.

Chad Cooper believes these are skills that anyone can learn by following the advice in his new book Time Isn’t the Problem, You Are. Chad’s formula shows why and how we must take responsibility for our actions in order to achieve success.

Topics today include the importance of the right kind of sleep. Consistency and persistence – a key to personal achievement and success.

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