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Why would you consider working with Chad Cooper to create a Legendary Life? Ask his clients which include Gold and Silver Olympic medalist, United Nations Representatives, creators of Hedge and Mutual Funds, business moguls, professional athletes, and ordinary people achieving the unexpected in their personal, professional, parenting, spiritual, and relationship roles.

Chad creates an environment barrier free of judgment so you are able to tap into your strengths and leverage those skills to close the gaps you desire to accelerate and enhance your life. Chad believes you are an inspiring force for leaders and transformers regardless of your current position in life. His role is to ask powerful questions and to create a space that allows you to discover your empowering answers to transform your life into extraordinary. Whether you are already on top of your game and looking for the next level, or you are in survival seeking stability as a platform to launch the next phase of your life, Chad is driven to constantly improve the quality of life for all those who desire it.


Through coaching you will make decisions and take action with:

  • Purpose
  • Direction
  • Plan
  • Accountability
  • A Coach

Chad empowers individuals and organizations by discovering and creating resources that can transform people’s lives. He simplifies these resources so that their profound impact is delivered to a mass number of people in a way that inspires action and entertains in the process.

How he executes is through discovering and honoring your core values, your innate and learned Gifts and talents which align to your purpose. It is about integrating emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual. Instead of magnifying the first three elements and discarding or ignoring your spiritual, Chad believes in honoring your spiritual and what that means to you, to support you in your highest self.

Chad Cooper is a recognized leader in human-development coaching, a dynamic force with contribution and impact globally and constantly creating positive transformations of individuals and organizations worldwide.

“I leave no stone unturned when I take you on as a client.” – Chad Cooper

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