And I shall call him mini me!

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So my best friend is making fun of me with the title above, but it is accurate! I love a little humor and he dishes it out well. I am super proud of my 7 year old son completing his first triathlon on Sunday. He has been begging my wife and I all spring and summer so I finally caved and said let’s do it. With my race schedule this summer and vacations it hasn’t been easy to make this happen. He’s been training as well as his camps he’s attended for soccer, baseball, Tae Kwon Do, and VBS. He’s been in Tae Kwon Do since he was 3 and now is sparring and pretty darn good.

So the distances were 50 yard swim, 2 mile bike, and ½ mile run. As soon as he came across the finish line I asked “So, how was it?” In father-son fashion he said “I want to do it again!”; reminds me of my Ironman experience.

My only concern is ensuring this aggressive sport doesn’t interfere with his growth or development. All you have to do is look at me to realize that I’m not exactly the Michael Jordon of height. In fact, I might give Napoleon a run for his money! So any suggestions on youngsters wanting to compete in triathlons in a healthy manner and what to avoid is welcomed advice.

Seriously lady? Everyone knows I’m #1, not 6381. Dad, can you have a chat with her to work this out?

Inspection time! Son, back when I was in the Marine Corps… (that’s for my wife’s benefit)

Wait, is that Michael Phelps?

Ok, maybe we have some room for improvement on the transitions?

Soooo PROUD!!!

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  1. My kids did their first tri this month too (Pewaukee, WI). So proud of them. My daughter is also 7 and came in 4th (in 7 year old girls). I can’t tell from the pics how your son did. She definitely wants to do it again. She didn’t train, but she is very active and the distances are something she does regularly (plus the swim had minimal swimming – most of the kids ran through the water although she swam about half of it). My son should have trained. He is 10 and the distances were well within his capabilities, but he was kind of sucking wind and came in towards the bottom of his pack.

    I talked to my son’s doctor earlier this month about things to keep in mind as he gets more involved in athletics. She said first and foremost to wear all safety equipment – gets a lot of kids coming in with injuries from rough play before and after games/practices where helmets or pads or whatever were off. Bike helmets at all times. She also said to not have him lift any heavy weights until through puberty – only light weights and any body resistance exercises were fine. She also pointed out his poor flexibility which she says is common as the boys get bigger because the bones grow faster than the ligaments so to make sure he did sufficient warmups and regular stretching. We didn’t specifically talk about endurance sports as my son isn’t all that interested (although he told a friend he might do another tri which shocked me) – but I would suspect it is like with adults: listen to your body, build in appropriate rest days, wear appropriate gear (shoes, etc), and don’t increase time/mileage too fast. HTH

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