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Welcome to my new home for 2011! I have made the cut and have become part of the Team Trakkers!!!

It’s probably a good thing that on Monday I started my winter season training program. I hope to put on yet again more mass in the legs to continue cutting my bike time. It will be a huge help to move into a sponsored Kestrel Time Trial bicycle (Ya, the same brand that Andy Potts & Michael Lovato ride)

It’s about switching to AVIA footwear too. I have to find which model supports a super flat footed athlete like me. (Again, yes the same Official Footwear Sponsor of the

There are many more sponsors to come, but I have to get my sizes in now in order to get them ordered and on their way. This should be a fantastic season!

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  1. Your family is right behind you (because we can’t keep up to be beside you) all the way, honey! Wyatt is ready to cheer his Daddy past the finish line(s)…

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