4 Ways to Combat Offseason Blues | Active.com

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4 Ways to Combat Offseason Blues | Active.com.

This article really helped me look at a healthy winter season. I can look forward to other athletic events and enjoy the workouts rather than being so disciplined that I dread the workouts of the day because I’m bored or burnt on that sport. Hence, the snow shoe running blog below!!!!

1) Create an off-season for yourself: It really matters that you make an offseason. You need to recharge your emotional batteries and rediscover the joy in the sport.

2) Take a real vacation: The travel itinerary should not include any activity that requires you to pin a number to your shirt. Stay up late. Sleep in. Eat what you want. Lie next to the pool and get some sun.

3) Do some different sports: If you live in a winter climate, take up cross-country skiing on the weekends. If you live in a warmer environment, try mountain biking or hiking.

4) Revisit what’s important to you: Re-examine your core values and what’s most important about doing the sport. By reflecting on your personal motivation, you can trump other negative emotions that hurt performance.

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