Professional Athlete Career Transitioning Coaching

Professional Athlete Career Transitioning Coaching

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Professional athlete career transitioning coaching may sound like a mouthful, but every year more and more athletes are signing up because they know that their chances of earning the big paychecks are quickly shrinking. The average career length of an elite level athlete is less than three years. Think about that? It doesn’t matter how much the league minimum is, you have only three years to earn as much money before injuries, wear and tear or other players take away your opportunity to earn more. Even if you have a lengthier time in the sport, you will still see a need for a new path within a five to ten years. So, how can professional athlete coaching help these players?

Remember, these young men and women have been training and playing this sport since they were children. It has been the center of their life and to have that end as well as any income from it is tough. Now they have to basically restart their life and find a new path. During sessions with Chad Cooper, these professional athletes have been introduced into a completely new path. Chad isn’t going to recommend a field they can pursue, he’s going to take the time to research what their strengths are, see where they have an interest and then show them how to move forward in that area.

One of the things Chad always asks about is what classes they enjoyed in school. For example, some people had a real interest in literature. Their reading comprehension is very strong which helps them to focus in the sport they play. With that, they are able to look at potential jobs where they can utilize that ability. On the other hand, what if someone struggled with literature but showed a real interest in math and in college, studied geometry and architecture? Chad will show you how to utilize those talents and begin a path in that area.

Professional athlete coaching is great for people of any walk of life to help you better understand what areas of your life need to be worked on to see real improvement. If you need to lose weight, you don’t start with working out four hours a day. You start with looking at the food you eat and more importantly, why you eat that food. What is the need that comes in your mind that makes you order the pizza instead of the cheeseburger? These are the kind of things you need to identify that will help you to move forward in your life when you are no longer a professional athlete and are transitioning into a new adventure.