2010 Detroit Free Press Marathon

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Figure 1: Click to order the print from runphotos.com

Well as you can see, I showed up and ran. I’m a bit surprised myself considering only hours prior I got off a plane from Europe and was completely messed up on sleep and jet lag. Nothing better than a good workout however to knock to crap out of your jet lag! The weather was fantastic, near perfect temperatures. Of course, with my Marathon Bar clothing I was warm as a kitten next to his momma (whatever that means). Well, the clothing actually made me late to the start line. The bag drop was 5 blocks from the start line! What’s up with that? By the time I got to the start line they were already at line H, and I was line D; talk about a little late eh? Lot’s of bottleneck this year which really slowed my pace and overall time. Speaking of which:

Last official race of the 2010 season, and what a unbelievable year it has been. Time for some drop-in hockey, snow shoe running, rock climbing, out of bounds skiing (the wife doesn’t approve), and yes of course maintaining the 3 disciplines for a good start in 2011 season. I likely will do a couple of holiday runs before the clock clicks over to 2011, but no promises. I’m really hoping lots of snow because there is nothing more enjoyable than sweating in deep snow across the silent woods. It’s a sickness more than anything…

Ok, take care, God Bless!

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