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Legendary Lifestyles 12-Week Program 

Break through to the life you’ve always wanted with Chad E. Cooper 

Whatever your starting point, I’m guessing that somewhere deep inside you realize there are untapped opportunities out there for you to suck the juice out of life and revel in its joyfulness.

 Maybe you’ve already done pretty well for yourself, and achieved a certain level of success. And now you want more

Legendary Lifestyles 12-Week Program 

 “More” Might Look Like:

  • Better relationships  
  • Greater career success  
  • Additional abundance  
  • Deeper fulfillment everywhere in your life AND  
  • The freedom to choose any destination on your map 

That’s all very enticing, and it’s completely doable. But I’m guessing that if you could create it on your own, you would have done it already. Correct? Sometimes even the best pilots need help navigating to their destination, and that’s why I created my 12-Week Legendary Lifestyles program

Here’s How the Program Works:

You’ll get one training per week for 12 weeks and a weekly live call with other members of the Legendary Lifestyles community. You’ll also be invited to join our private members-only Facebook group to help you lock in your new habits for success. This is the most powerful program you will ever experience and it’s unlike anything else out there.

In It, You Will:

  • Identify and replace the behaviors you thought were going to be powerful, but which are secretly sucking your time and distracting you from the tasks that will propel you forward  
  • Replace flawed and outdated time management strategies with ones that will lead directly to the legendary lifestyle you desire  
  • Imagine and start executing on the experiences and activities you say you want your life to be about  
  • Start eliminating the barriers that are keeping you from experiencing the legendary lifestyle that’s waiting on the other side of who you think you are  

12 Week Curriculum Will cover:

Week 1: Foundation Renovation We look at your core values and beliefs first to ensure they form a rock-solid foundation that will allow you to unfailingly stack, one after another, the multiple layers of success you’ll be achieving with this program. Unless you change your beliefs, no proven system can sustain the lifestyle you’re about to create. It’s the first step towards your Legendary Lifestyle.  

Week 2: Language Matters Welcome to the fast track. Language has a powerful impact on the way you see and interact with the world so we next teach you how to deploy your words as a technology to consistently catapult you to your ideal results. The language you choose, both inside and outside of your head, will determine whether or not you become what you say you want to be in the world.  

This program makes available to you a sophisticated science around using words to profoundly convey your intentions but also—and perhaps even more importantly—to express how you feel about your intentions. What’s more, this will allow you to enhance the speed at which you overcome challenges and seize victory.  

Week 3: Purpose Visualization We will CO-DEVELOP a life purpose with you this week, so you can build it in to the vibrant foundation you’ve now solidified. Why do we cover language before purpose? Because the language you are using is unavoidably affecting the clarity with which you visualize your purpose. It’s also affecting your ability to understand it and hit it home. Put another way, language is your license to drive your life anywhere you want it to go.  

Week 4: Rule of 168 This week is about learning how to leverage the prodigious system that will support you for the next 20 years and beyond. The Legendary Lifestyles program is simple to implement because it's managed daily and weekly to create a steady impact, week after week. And it will help you release your hold on the outdated "To Do" lists and systems that got you to where you are now, but won’t get you where you want to go next.  

Week 5: Explaining Your Brain & Map&ing it Out Now that you’re in gear, we’ll reveal our secrets around mapping as a tool to achieve your goals using the resources of the Legendary Mapper who worked with Stephen Spielberg’s team! This week you will map out your vision or plan so you can turn your dream into an exciting reality. This week’s lesson will infuse your ideas with massive clarity and help you generate a road map to implementation. You’ll experience improved productivity, more time in your life and decreasing levels of stress. You’ll love it!  

Week 6: Capture List & Meas&rement Unlike a to-do list, our Capture List is a planning tool that helps you shift tasks out of the two-dimensional world and into the exciting and invigorating 4-D reality your calendar can liberate into your daily life. It vaporizes the pressure that comes from always feeling you “don’t have enough time,” leaving in its wake the light and flexible winds of encouragement. What would it be like to replace “I HAVE to” with “I GET to?” Find out in Week 6!  

Week 7: Energizing Every Area of Your Life The rubber really starts hitting the road this week as we affirm your connection to a higher source and support you in being present and congruent with winning, while assisting others to win at the same time. This week’s lesson is about integrating your physical, logical, emotional, and spiritual quadrants so you can truly “become” whatever is possible for you in this lifetime.  

Week 8: Lose Those Nasty Habits This week’s lesson is a juicy and delicious adventure into learning how to pay attention to the intention of your energy and replace those bad habits with the commanding conduct of a Legendary performer. Motivation doesn’t change habits or behavior, so we go a factor or three beyond to teach you how to use the details of your habits to stack the deck in your favor.  

Week 9: Retirement Plan and Fiscal Responsibility As spiritual beings living in a 3D world we still need money to live at a legendary level. This week’s lesson focuses on how to USE and LEVERAGE money to compliment the "Being" aspects of your existence so you can afford the "Doing" pieces and evolve your understanding of who you are here to become. It takes money to make your dreams reality, and being poor in pocketbook is the fastest way to become poor in spirit. You may already have a complete plan in place. Would you rather confirm that it is solid before you start your retirement, or fall into the gaps it’s hiding when you actually need it most? Week 9 is like a physical for your future.  

Week 10: 12 Weeks at a Time and Making Time Work for You Strategies that tell you to plan 52 weeks at a time are really kicking it old school. You can get far more accomplished in 12-week blocks that drive to the core of what gets your veins throbbing with excitement and your heart beating with anticipation. The 12-week strategy is a proven method that yields 4x the Legendary Results you desire and deserve. This is how to really go for the Gold! Week 11: Curve Balls &&Condition It This week pops the cork on the same techniques we use with the professional athletes and Olympians we are privileged to coach to spectacular results. We’ll show you how they prepare in advance for the unexpected so you, too, can persevere when the going gets rough. There are always going to be bumps in the road. That doesn’t mean they have to stop you cold. Week 12: Celebrate & &chedule Out for the Next Cycle? Let the bells ring out and the banners fly – you made it! Now we’ll show you how to build celebration in to your everyday life so you can create a personal culture of applause that showers you with your own praise whenever you hit one of your targets. That might feel uncomfortable at first, but when you learn how to fill your fountain to overflowing, you can give the excess to others and feel the joy of having more than enough to share.  

Here’s What Else My 12-Week Program Will Deliver: 

  • A one-on-one welcome call with a member of my team to identify negative beliefs, obstacles or anything else that might be standing in your way. 
  • Weekly group Q&A sessions that let you role play your new discoveries in safety every week, so you can practice up and turn them into automatic behaviors.
  • Your Legendary Lifestyle Intelligence Score. Where do you stand now? What’s it going to take to bring your metrics up? This will help you get cracking!  
  • Measurement tools to analyze your productivity levels  

What are you waiting for? Take Action Now! Start Your 12-Week Journey to a Legendary Lifestyle  

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